I have been in love with glass for as long as I can remember - always fascinated by its colors, shimmer, transparency, versatility, and ever changing nature. Working with glass was my dream for a long time and now, when I can dedicate myself to it full time, I've never been happier. I love bold colors and making statements, so this is what you will find in my jewelry - beautiful jewel colors, different textures, and lots of sparkly happiness.
Most of my inspiration comes from nature - layers of stone in the canyons, rocky rivers, ocean waves, pebble beaches, different leaves and flowers. At the same time I also like modern clean lines and contrast of opposites - smooth next to rocky, shiny next to 

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satin, transparency next to opaqueness - so in my jewelry it all merges together.
All my jewelry is carefully handcrafted one at a time in my home studio. Every tiny piece of glass is individually hand cut, ground into shape and placed on the jewelry piece. I use all compatible glass. Every item is fused, cut, ground, fire polished and properly annealed. There are many steps involved in each piece before the final result is achieved - some designs may take up to five trips to the kiln and a lot of cold working in between before they are completely finished. Each piece of jewelry is truly a work of art and there are no two pieces exactly alike.


​My name is Helen Rebane, I come from Estonia, but have been living in Key West, FL for twelve years now. I have always loved to craft and create things and believe that there is an artist in everyone, living on a tropical island full of creativity, colors and art will bring it out for sure.